The Division 2 Bug May Affect Weapon Damage

The Division 2 Bug May Affect Weapon Damage
    A few players believe that the launch of World Tier 5 and its going with title update presented or revealed a bug in The Division 2 that is causing their weapon harm to recognizably diminish. Players originally shared the perception on The Division subreddit, however there is some difference about what could conceivably be causing it.

    The first poster, Yoyuyi999, posted a video demonstrating a loadout in The Division 2 with weapon harm of 19,955 (8,792 with standardization on). At that point, when the player changes to an alternate loadout and afterward back to the first loadout, the weapon harm drops to 17,212 (7,584 with standardization). The player guarantees that they have tried the weapon harm against adversaries and that it is a real harm drop, not only a UI bug from exchanging loadouts.  

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    to fix this obviously new Division 2 weapon glitch is to log out and log back in. Yoyuyi999 reports that logging out with the right loadout prepared and afterward back in will fix straighten out the weapon damage. Be that as it may, exchanging loadouts will clearly repeat the bug and drop the weapon damage.

    Some have countered the first poster saying that they can't duplicate a similar issue and that something explicit to the first poster case might be at work. That may likewise recommend that if this is genuinely a bug, it probably won't influence all players. Also, some case that it is a visual bug , where The Division 2's UI isn't accurately refreshing while the damage itself is continuing as before. Be that as it may, another redditor shared his very own video experience, which seems to back up the presence of the bug:  

    It might take the game's engineer Massive Entertainment to clear up the damage on this one and to affirm whether a bug is at work for this situation or not. In the event that the bug is affirmed, it was likely presented on April 5, 2019 with the arrival of World Tier 5 and the Invasion update that changed Skills and Mods. 
    if the event affirmed to be valid, Massive will clearly need to fix the issue before the April 25th launch  of the establishment's initial 8-player strike, Operation Dark Hours. 
    The Division 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One
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