Is Fortnite down? Fortnite live event warning

Is Fortnite down? Fortnite live event warning
    Fortnite prodded "the end is close" paving the way to its live event on Sunday, yet nobody really figured it would end. 
    Be that as it may, presently gamers wandring what is exactly happening after the live event made it so you can't play the game. It's hazy what precisely is occurring, however Fortnite's Twitter account has gone dark.

    if you didn't see the live event we'll get you up. 

    after the count down ,, all rocket fired up. Following that, we saw a few rockets in the sky making circles. In the end the rockets going down from the comet on the map , and the comet at that point left. Be that as it may, it later returned, which seem to be huge black hole. 
    The black hole at that point sucked everything into it. The map is missing . The fight bus left. Furthermore, even the character you were playing while at the same time viewing vanished. Subsequent to everything was sucked into the dark, clients saw a dark stacking screen. After about a moment, the black hole appears in the middle with a red leave button in the base right corner.
    if quit the game, you leave the game. other than that, gamers can make no move right now. All we have from Fortnite is their most recent tweet which peruses "..." with a live stream of the event. 

    We'll refresh this post if Fortnite releases any more details.

    Fornite live event replay video: 

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