Jump Force Official Madara Trailer

Jump Force  Official Madara Trailer
    Bandai Namco released today the trail of Uchiha Madara (Manga Naruto) joining Jump Force, as it has already been prepared to be one of the following characters to join the game in the form of Dlc .. We are waiting for his arrival by the end of this year, I inform you that Madara will be able to use the following: 'Dragon Flame', Susano and 'Uchiha Reflection' ...

    Let me not forget to remind you that in addition to Madara, there are still three characters that will soon appear on the next 'Dlc' of the game Jump Force, as follows: Toshiro Hitzugaya (from Manga Bleach), Grimgoo (Manga Bleach) and Trafalgar Lau (Manga) One Piece).

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